1. Features of our exclusively patented Tripeptides, all INCI names registered.


   1) Unlike most of the existing high molecular weight (MW) polypeptides in the skin care markets, all of our SE-tripeptides consist of

     3 amino acid (AA) sequence with an low MW.


    2) Our SE-tripeptides less than 500 Dalton (Da) can be transdermally penetrated into either epidermis or dermis layers without any

      delivery agents.


  * 500 Da rule

  The general rule is that almost nothing larger than 500 Daltons can pass through the skin barrier (Experimental Dermatology).

  This is based off of a few things:

  1. Nearly all of the contact allergens that we know of are smaller than 500 Daltons.

  2. The most common pharmaceutical ingredients applied topically are under 500 Daltons.

  3. Effective drugs that contain a transdermal delivery system are under 500 Daltons.




    3) Our SE-tripeptides properly interact with specific target proteins. For example, they bind to receptors on the cell surface as

     ligands and subsequently control intracellular signaling events.as agonist, antagonist or inverse agonist as following.

     - Agonists SE-Tripeptide that occupy receptors and activate them.

     - Antagonists SE-Tripeptide block receptor activation by agonists.

     - Inverse agonist SE-Tripeptide induces a pharmacological response opposite to that agonist.






    4) SE-tripeptides are safe and stable at room temperature or even at 50 ℃ for 4 weeks.

    HPLC data shows that SE-tripeptide preserves the structural integrity in the harsh environmental conditions


                                Control.                                                        After 4 weeks at 50℃



     5) SE-tripeptides are able to be sterilized without decomposition in an autoclave at 121 for 15 minutes. This fact that our tripeptides

       can be sterilized at steamed-autoclave proves that tripeptides are so stable and may be able to be clinically applied after

       self-sterilization in future.


                               Control.                                     After autoclave



     . List of SE-tripeptides with INCI name registration

INCI name

(peptide No.)

Trade Name

Target Molecules

Cosmeceutical Functions & Applications

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-52 Amide (SE201)



-Inhibiting a gene expression of NF-kBp65, an inflammatory signaling protein causing the skin aging and inflammation

- Skin soothing/Anti-inflammation/Anti-aging

Palmitoyl sh-Tetrapeptide-2 Amide (SE203)



-Inhibiting Interleukin-1, an inflammatory adipokine, soothing skin with its anti-inflammation process

-Skin soothing/Anti-inflammation

Palmitoyl sh-Tripeptide-1 Amide (SE204)



-Activating the function of FGF-receptor, leading to proliferation of skin cells and inducing a collagen synthesis

-Skin rejuvenation and regeneration

Palmitoyl sh Tripeptide-2 Amide (SE205)



-Inhibiting TNF-α ( tumor-necrosis factor-α), another inflammatory factor, leading to skin soothing with anti- inflammation reaction

- Skin soothing/Anti-inflammation

Palmitoy shl Tripeptide-3 Amide (SE208)



-As an EGF receptor agonistic protein, facilitating the growth of keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts and also facilitating the collagenous fibers (collagenesis )

-Skin rejuvenation and regeneration

Palmitoyl sh Tripeptide-4 Amide (SE209)



-Not only modulating leukocyte extravasation (diapedesis: the movement of leucocytes out of the blood circulatory system towards the site of tissue damage or infection), but also inhibiting the systemic inflammatory reaction, soothing the inflammatory tissues

- Skin soothing,/Anti-aging

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-54 Amide (SE214)




-Facilitating the proliferation of the epidermal cells and the generation of the ceramides existing in cell membrane,

- Working for the fibroblasts in dermis and inducing the generation of collagens and H/A ,

- Inhibiting the inflammatory reactions with prevention of fibrosis and cellulite formation

- Formation of skin protection barrier/Skin regeneration/Soothing/Anti-aging

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-53 Amide (SE215)



-Preventing the activation of Wnt-signaling pathway, leading to inhibition of melanogenesis and related cytokines. In addition, inhibiting the inflammatory reaction related with metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity.

- Whitening/Soothing



Our INC named transdermal SE-tripeptides are variously applicable for cosmetic, cosmeceutical and OTC drug products. Below table briefly summarizes the various applications of our percutaneous tripeptides.




Trade Name




  • Anti-photo-aging
  • Soothing
  • Anti inflammation


Enfibin (SE-201) / Tenefrin (SE-205)

Binterin (SE-209)


Singe, two or all 3 can be combined for use.


  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin/ Hair regeneration


Syndermin (SE204) /Synepin (SE208)

Adiponin (SE214)



Singe, two or all 3 can be combined for use.


  • Whitening


Adiponin (SE214) /Winhibin (SE215)



Both can be combined.


  • Repairing
  • Whitening


Syndermin (SE204) /Synepin (SE208)

Adiponin (SE214) /Winhibin (SE215)



All 4 or each 2 can be combined for use.


  • Anti-photoagaing
  • Whitening


Enfibin (SE-201) /Tenfrin (SE-205)

Binterin (SE-209) /Winhibin(SE215)



All 4 or each 2 can be combined for use.

  • Moisturizing
  • Skin Barrier


Synepin (SE208) /Adiponin (SE214)


Both can be combined.

  •  Soothing
  • Post sunscreen soothing
  • Anti-Photoaging


Binterin (SE-209)



  • Bodycare/ Lipolysis



Binterin (SE-209)/ Adiponin(SE214)


Binterin first, then (15 minutes) Adiponin

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